We are a non-profit charity dedicated to stopping the Childhood Obesity epidemic that is affecting our children.  We cannot do this with prescriptions, home remedies, or legal restrictions on portion size.  They have all been tried and failed.  Our approach will be very different, but we need your support.

The IRS has approved our foundation by granting us the status of 501c3, which allows your donations to be deductible to the extent allowed by law. Any contributions made will receive a donation receipt issued by PayPal Giving Fund.

What a Donation Does

Every person giving a dollar to a charity has a right to know where their dollar goes, what it is used for, and why they are being asked for it. The dollars we receive currently are used to cover programming expenses to develop interactive games and videos directed at children learning to eat healthy and exercises.  These games and videos are being developed to a level that different age group can relate to.  These are described in more detail under the tab titled “For the Kids.”

Other dollars are used towards “Parent’s Corner”, designed to let parents have access to helpful articles regarding, motivating children to a healthy lifestyle, nutritional and tasty alternatives to junk food, age appropriate exercise plans, recipes that are both appealing to children and are nutritious  and much more.

In the future, those dollars will be spent to bring our free service to schools, child health services, medical practitioners, and anywhere that obesity needs to be corrected.

If you feel as we do that obesity in America has grown to an unacceptable and dangerous level, please help us lead our next generation of children on a path to a healthier future, by donating whatever you can.