Mary S. Goussis

Mary is an energetic, motivated graduate from Hofstra University. With her baccalaureate degree in psychology she envisions herself as a future clinical mental health counselor owning a private practice where she would devote her time to working with and treating mental illness, family struggles, and other life issues that limit people’s ability from achieving their best life and being their best self.  In addition to volunteering for Obesity Prevention Foundation of America and helping parents and children combat obesity. Mary enjoys teaching others about the importance of self care and how far self care can really get one. Furthermore, Mary is  a part time paralegal in Long Island,NY and when she has some free time she enjoys taking her chocolate Labrador named Annie for a long walk.

Growing up with two parents in the medical field; one being a doctor and the other being a nurse and being genetically predisposed to high cholesterol beginning at the age of 7 Mary had to watch everything she did. Mary was already an athletic young girl but, she had to make exercise her best friend on a consistent daily basis as well as modify her diet. For example, while her friends were eating goldfish, pop tarts and watching movies, she had to eat salads with veggies and go to the gym. Today, Mary is glad that her parents stressed the importance of healthy eating and the major impact it can have on your body.  Without her parents showing her and training her mind to see the harmful effects food can have on one’s body she most likely would have continued eating unhealthy and exhibiting bad habits. However, that is not the case today, Mary is fully engaged in her well being- exercising 3-5 times a week, checking in with a nutritionist every few months to stay on top of her diet regimen, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day to help her body stay hydrated and thriving.