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“Hi, kids!  Welcome to Kenny’s Gym – I’m Kenny…the Koala!  I love to exercise and I want you to love it as much as I do!  In my first video I teach you how to do Jumping Jacks but keep your eyes out for more videos to come.  Now check this out!”

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Here are some tips on how to buy healthy food but still keep the flavor!


We’re developing an interactive Avatar that you will be in control of! You’ll create a diet and exercise plan for your Avatar and then fast forward to see the effects of the choices you’ve made. The best part is if you’re not happy with the results, go back and try something different, it’s that easy.

Have fun while you learn how to manage your own health!

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Feed for Speed features you behind the wheel of a race-car fueled by food, but make sure you choose the healthy foods – otherwise you’ll be dead last! 

In Kenny’s Healthy Adventure! you’ll have to collect as many healthy foods that you can and dodge the junk food that’s attacking you to complete each level.