For The Kids

There will be a section where the child, adolescent, or parent, can create their own live animated character or avatar.  They will then select a weekly diet and exercise program for their creation.  With these selections completed, they can look into the future to see how their selections have affected their character’s health at a later time-period.  The best part and most important is, they can go back as many times as they want to change the character’s meals and exercise program in order to improve results.

Create games that lead children to a healthy conclusion.  For example, we will create a race car game.  In this game, the cars will use food as fuel, selected by the child, with the healthier choices producing a faster car.  In other words, the car that eats better wins.

Videos showing age appropriate exercise programs, age appropriate exercise videos; food awareness videos showing enticing alternatives to junk food.

All of this and much more is currently under development, but we do need your support in fighting this epidemic affecting our children, please support our cause.