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Free resources to motivate children to lose weight

The Obesity Prevention Foundation of America helps parents and teaches their kids how to lead healthier lives


New York, NY – If a child is overweight or obese, one of the best ways to help them is by being involved with their lifestyle choices.


“If parents aren’t involved with their kid’s health management, it’s not going to work,” said Obesity Prevention Foundation of America Executive Director Pasquale J. Baccari. “Some of the main problems are sugar, a sedentary lifestyle and electronic devices that encourage inactivity. Parents should be aware of these problems, among others, and our website is here to help.”


The Obesity Prevention Foundation of America website attracts more than 5,000 visitors a month. Everything on its website is free with hundreds of articles, videos and games on ways to motivate overweight children to lose weight. Soon there will be a six-week diet and exercise program, where children and their parents can log in to track progress and see results.


The website also includes tasty low-calorie recipe ideas for children, healthy cooking and shopping videos and a parents’ forum. Its video game section teaches kids about healthy living and its positive story section will keep children and their parents motivated. To keep the service free, the foundation relies on donations that can be made at


“It’s important to remember that you’re not donating to us but donating to the kids. They’re our future,” said Baccari.


Childhood obesity has grown to where 19 percent of our children’s population is affected by this affliction. Today, more than 41 million kids are considered overweight or obese. Starting life this way could lead to all kinds of diseases including diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. The website is full of other informative facts.


Other articles talk about BMI, healthy foods and healthy exercises.


“To reverse this trend, any exercise is important. It could be a fun physical game or playing outside. The biggest culprit is the food we’re eating and giving our children. People buy fast food because it’s easier.


“If it’s from a store and pre-made, it has tons of preservatives and salt to keep it fresh. At the same time, it’s destroying our insides especially our kids. Their bodies aren’t fully formed yet making them more susceptible to negative effects,” said Baccari.


In the site’s popular low-calorie recipe section there are meal options with healthy foods that appeal to kids. There are also healthy cooking videos. The website’s animated spokesperson Kenny the Koala Bear teaches kids in a video, the right way to exercise.


In the kids healthy arcade section, Kenny is running in a video game to collect cherries, raspberries and strawberries to avoid junk food. Another game, called Feed for Speed, is a race car game, where you have to collect healthy food. If you drive over the junk food, it slows you down.


“It’s a way of instilling kids with the idea that healthy food is good,” said Baccari.


There’s also a video that helps mothers pick healthy foods when shopping. Unfortunately, many grocery stores today carry packaged food that’s loaded with sodium, fat, high cholesterol and corn syrup.


“In the movie WALL-E, everyone is just sitting in floating chairs all day, every day. It’s a horrid outlook at life, in a funny animated movie, but if this trend of overeating poor-quality food with a sedentary lifestyle continues, this might be our reality,” said Baccari.



About the Obesity Prevention Foundation of America

The Obesity Prevention Foundation of America is non-profit organization dedicated to reducing childhood obesity.


The goal of the nation-wide foundation is to offer free support services for parents of overweight and obese children, along with providing interactive and animated health-oriented programs that educate children about healthy living.


It was started in 2019 by Robert Warwick, who is now the president of the foundation. He decided to start the foundation after traveling across the U.S. and noticing that wherever he went, restaurants were serving fried high-cholesterol fatty foods to overweight children.


The IRS has approved our foundation by granting status 501c3, which allows your donations to be deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can make your donation at


For more information or to schedule an interview contact Pasquale J. Baccari at [email protected] or (516) 323-6732.

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