Childhood Obesity – The Best Ways In Which Parents Can Help

By Mary Bodel  |   Submitted On February 05, 2015

When the girls were growing up we worked hard to make sure they were healthy. At one point I even turned the back yard into a garden. It tasted good but the yard didn’t look that great after harvest. That was one of the many ways we tried to make sure they stayed well.

Check Ups: Children need to see the pediatrician for more than colds and shots. Each time the child is there, the medical assistant takes their height and weight. This is put into a percentile that will help them know if there is a problem with weight. Even before it’s visible it will be seen on that chart.

Nutrition Counseling: I grew up in the South. Almost everything I learned to cook had bacon grease, butter or both. I had to learn to cook all over again in order to keep our family healthy. If you are having difficulties figuring out how to do that the pediatrician can refer you to a nutritionist who will provide the information you need.

Follow Through at School: There is always a lot of fuss about school food. Some schools are trying to serve healthier lunches. The problem they are having is that the kids don’t like it. The food gets wasted and the kids pig out when they get home.

If your school doesn’t or can’t provide an edible, healthy lunch then packing it is a better idea. That can also end up being wasted if the child doesn’t like it, so include the child in making healthy choices.

Lead By Example: What we do will be seen by our children. Even if they don’t see us do it they can probably figure it out. We need to eat a healthy diet, make sure we get our checkups and encourage activity. Otherwise the kids will think that it’s only something children have to do and stop when they become adults.

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