Enriched and Fortified Foods – Best Choices for Your Children to Eat?

Are you more likely to buy packaged products that say, “Enriched?”

As a mother, I know how much we want to make the healthiest choices for our children. It can be confusing to know what’s healthy and what’s not. Food labels are not always the most reliable sources for healthy information. When I was growing up we had Sugared Frosted Flakes, now they call them Frosted Flakes hoping we don’t notice that the frosting is still just plain old sugar. Are processed foods with added vitamins really the best way for your child to get nutrients? I really don’t like it when we are falsely led to believe we are doing something good.

What do “enriched” and “fortified” mean anyway?

Enriched foods have vitamins added to them to replace the ones that were lost when they went through the processing stage. Foods that are fortified have the original nutrients added back in, as well as more nutrients than the original food contained. This may sound like you’re giving your child extra vitamins and minerals, and maybe you are, but they’re not the same as the original ones. It makes sense to look at it this way. You can buy a knock off Louis Vuitton handbag and it may look similar to the original, but if you lay them side-by-side, you would see the difference in quality. That’s probably how your gut feels when it get ripped off with enriched and fortified foods! It’s missing the good bacteria from your whole and cultured foods!

Why fill your gut with added chemicals, when nature provides what you need?

If you eat whole, unprocessed and fermented foods, you don’t need to worry about added vitamins and nutrients. Your body will get what it needs naturally because with a proper balance of good and bad bacteria you digest more efficiently. The more efficient you digest, the more nutrients your body gets! You don’t need something added if it’s killed off by processing in the first place! Look at the labels on processed foods: they contain enriched flour, added vitamins and other added nutrients. Eating whole grains like quinoa, black rice and spelt eliminate the need for enriched flour. Fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts give you your vitamins and minerals.

What do you do if your child won’t eat healthy?

Parents tell me all the time that their children will only eat mac and cheese or French fries, etc. I tell them I understand their children are used to eating a particular food, but are able to adjust to eating healthier choices. My son CJ went on a strict diet and I was afraid he wouldn’t eat the healthy food I gave him. The doctor told me not to give in, that he would eat, and you know what? He did. Now he’s almost 6 feet tall and you would never know how sick he was as an infant/toddler/young boy. It takes patience and time, but is well worth the effort. He’s healed!

Healthy doesn’t mean not tasty

You can transition your child into a healthy lifestyle by adding the following to their diet:

· Dark green veggies

· Lemons and limes

· Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc

· Quinoa

· Almond Milk

Balance Your Life

You may not have to change your child’s eating habits as drastically as I did. Just remember that if you eat something bad, eat something good. Here are a few of my family’s favorite treats that aren’t really so bad, if eaten only occasionally:

· Almond flour chocolate chip cookies

· Zevia soda

· Lentil chips and salsa

Our “bad” isn’t so bad anymore. You just craving sweets once your gut is balanced. The key to good health begins in your gut, so start your child early with a healthy diet filled with plenty of whole, unprocessed and fermented foods!

Eat Well. Live Well.

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