How To Lose Excess Weight

Suggestions to lose weight.

 As I said in my previous articles, most overweight or obese teens have a different mindset compared to most other people in the world. They don’t care about what they eat and therefore don’t care about how it affects their bodies. But there are some teens that do want to make a difference in their health, teens that realize that what they’re doing is serious and could seriously affect their bodies. Although I am one of those teens who does not care about my body, I have had some help in change that from some of the greatest people who ever lived, my mom, dad, and grandparents. They primarily gave me suggestions on my food and exercise choices and how I should handle them.

Ways you can control your eating habits.

My eating habits have been the main problem for being an overweight teenager. I eat the unhealthiest choices there are, and it does not do my body any good. Teens, including myself who have had problems with social skills know where I am coming from and turn to food for comfort, but this is very unhealthy for both your physical and emotional health. My parents are very contributing to this. If you are a teen that is relying on food for social problems, talk to your parents about the feelings you have. Instead of relying on food for comfort, rely on your parent’s love and affection for comfort. I do not talk to my parents about my feelings a lot which is why I turned to eating for comfort. Another way to curb poor eating habits is to have healthy snacks in your house – snacks with low sugar and fat, but high in vitamins and minerals. So when you feel alone or you’re bored and need something to eat, you will stay healthy since you are eating healthy food.

Ways you can ease into exercise.

  In my previous article, I explained how overweight kids are afraid to do exercise. But the truth is, you need to stay fit in order to stay healthy. Although exercise is a pain for some kids, I have a few tips to help them accomplish at least a little exercise a day. I have played CYO basketball for 7 years. And when I became overweight, it became especially hard for me to play for a while at a time. So what I did was at practices and games, I worked as hard as I could, and when I needed a rest, I stopped. This ensures that a teen will get the exercise that he or she needs but at the same time have the rest they need to rebuild their strength. Another way a teen could ease into exercise is using music. I will admit, I use this tactic on long walks, and it actually works. Music is a very helpful tool when it comes to exercise because it keeps you calm but at the same time, it keeps your mind focused without worrying about the hardships of the exercise, ensuring you do it calmly and efficiently. 

Benefits to not being overweight.

To the people who care about it, being overweight or obese is a hardship for them in many ways. For example, how would other kids look at me when they see I am overweight or will my parents feel disappointed that they have an overweight teen? When you make the right choices, a weight lifts off your shoulder and it will help you better blend in with the world. Also, when you change your eating habits once, they will likely stick, offering a variety of delicious healthy foods to teens all over the world. This way you will stay healthy and not become overweight again. My final reason it will benefit you is that it could help you benefit others as well. If you worked hard and stopped your unhealthy eating habits, you can be a role model for thousands of teens in the country. Because of this, teens that don’t care could see this and change their ways, and in my opinion, helping others is the greatest gift you could give, especially for this minor flaw that is hurting kids all over the United States of America.

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