How to Motivate Children Ages 5-9 to Exercise

Children ought to spend at least 60 minutes doing some form of physical activity every day. While one hour of exercise a day sounds simple, kids are often involved in other activities that do not include any physical exercise. Many would rather be on the internet, watch television, or play video games. Some might find exercising a challenge, especially when they have a lot of studying to do. It is essential that parents help motivate their children to want to exercise.  

Working with Ages 5 to 9

Younger children can benefit from an assortment of activities, including games and sports. Having fun should be the central theme. Kids should also be given plenty of free time to determine what they would like to do on their own. This is an age where kids are learning how to exercise. Fun things might include jumping, skipping, throwing, kicking, catching, and other activities that qualify as exercise.

To ensure that kids are comfortable with exercise,  it is important for parents to give them exercises that are age-appropriate. This is essential in terms of what kids at this age are able to handle physically and mentally. Parents should look for activities that are fun for their kids, and offer them  encouragement and praise. This will help them develop their skills and enjoy doing so. When exercises are done in a fun manner, kids will learn the value of what they are doing and will want to make exercise a part of their routine. The following are some nuggets for parents who want to motivate their children ages 5 to 9 to exercise. 

Exercise Together With the Kids 

If parents take part in exercising, it will be easier  to get their kids actively involved. It helps to set a consistent schedule for exercising. By ensuring that exercise is a part of your daily life, you help your kids embrace that lifestyle because they see you doing it. Parents are role models for their children and can help ensure that exercise is a normal part of life for their children.  

Select Age-Appropriate Activities for Your Child

At ages 5 to 9, kids need fun workout activities that help to improve coordination. Kids also need exercises that will keep them interested and enthusiastic. If the exercise is simple, the right equipment is provided, and the activity is fun, kids  will willingly take part. Kids ages 5 to 9 will not engage in an activity that they don’t find enjoyable. 

Provide Fun Equipment for Exercising 

Parents don’t have to use any special equipment to get kids exercising. Simple things like a jump rope, a hula-hoop, or a beach ball will work fine.  Ensure that the kids do not get bored by hiding some outdoor toys that you can pull out to keep  the exercise routine interesting. You also need to  pick a fun, safe location for the kids to exercise. A playground or a park, especially where other kids are working out, can work well. If you choose a fun setting, the kids might just get inspired to work out without you having to do much to encourage them. You can also look around your town for kids exercise classes. Some kids might be interested in dancing, others in yoga or martial arts. If you allow your kids to select what they love, they will more easily take up the activity. If exercise is fun  and not something that they are forced to do, they will look forward to the activity. 

Be Patient and Never Give Up

Some kids might not want to get involved in exercising immediately, regardless of how much fun you make it. Instead of giving up, look for ways to praise what they are already doing. You can also assist them by getting them to participate in activities that are not too challenging or competitive. Parents only need to help kids so that the kids are able to discover an activity that they will love. As long as the kids are able to see that exercise is fun and is for everyone, they will want to be a part of it. 

Children look to their parents for direction, support and inspiration. This is why it is essential for  parents to set a good example and help their kids make exercise an important part of every day.   When parents find fun ways to incorporate exercise into daily life, kids become willing participants.

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