Child Obesity, the Dangers Involved and How It Can Be Managed

A lot of concern is raised over the increasing rate of obesity in children which is witnessed in the modern society. With the awareness conducted to sensitize people about the dangers that come with being obese persons are striving to maintain the ideal body weight. With the right knowledge adults are maintaining healthy lifestyle but the issue that has been a bother to many medical practitioners is that the children have also started to follow in the trend of adults as far as obesity is concerned.

There are various causes of obesity in children but the most common one is the lifestyle that are led by most people in modern society. This contributes to the reason why children are no longer active and they would prefer staying indoors and engage in activities that do not support high burning of calories. The condition has been enhanced with the availability of fast foods as well as processed foods which add little nutrients to the body. The resultant is calorie imbalance which translates to obesity in children. Lifestyle changes are advocated for if this problem is to be managed or dealt away with all together.

Causes of obesity are many and it is upon a parent or guardian to ensure that the children under their care are well taken care of to reduce the rates of obesity in children. The short term effects of obesity could seem manageable especially if the remedy is available instantly but the situation could change with time.

Children obesity can pose great danger to them as they grow up due to the medical implications that come with having that kind of weight. The medical challenges may not manifest immediately but as they grow up the risks increase unless adequate measures are taken at that tender age. Obese children are likely to suffer from cardio vascular diseases such as high blood pressure which can be a long term medical condition. High cholesterol levels can be dangerous to the heart and this can easily come with increase in body weight.

Pre-diabetes is the condition where a child shows signs of increase in blood sugar levels which can easily result into diabetes. Stigmatization and low self esteem are known to be common conditions experienced by those children who are overweight especially in the society where people are judged based on the standards that are considered right. Joints and bone problems in children also arise from the overweight issue. These are just but a few of the obesity causes that children are likely to face in their adult lives. Some of the effects of this condition can be severe and detrimental.


Children are at times unable to make the right decisions more so when left on their own to do what they want. It is therefore the responsibility of adults to ensure that they live a healthy lifestyle that will not expose them to suffering from weight related illnesses in their adolescent and adult lives.

By Sadik D Duraiswamy  |   Submitted On November 06, 2013

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