Childhood Obesity and Cancer Correlation Statistics – 3 Scary Facts All Parents Should Be Aware Of!

In the last few decades, childhood obesity has become such a health problem in so many children, that health authorities have labeled it an epidemic! We all know being obese is unhealthy, but can it really cause cancer? Here are 3 facts about childhood obesity and cancer correlation statistics. Be warned, they are very shocking:

1) – Research shows that clinically overweight children of both sexes are much more likely to develop among a large variety of cancers. Studies done in obese children show that they are far more likely to develop a different cancer than children of normal weight.

2) – Scientists discovered that the more obese children are more likely to develop bladder, pancreatic, mouth, and respiratory-tract cancers as adults. These are a few of the cancers scientists believe that obese children are at a risk of developing as they mature into adulthood.

3) – Furthermore, the older obese children were more likely to also develop the full range of cancer, including prostate, breast, and colorectal tumors. The older clinically obese kids were more likely to develop very serious forms of cancer, including tumors in the breasts and prostate.

The fact that thirty percent of children in our society are overweight proves just how important it is that we treat childhood obesity at an early age. By 2010, some scientists believe that over 50 percent of children in our society are going to be overweight! We must take action now in order for our children and our society to flourish and be healthy!

Listen Carefully: As a loving parent, your child depends on you for their well being. The parent is a huge determining factor in whether or not their child is healthy and fit. Take action now! These were a few childhood obesity and cancer correlation statistics, but there is much more to know. For a proven step by step method on how to defeat the horribly degrading effects of obesity on your child, go to []

By Thomas Skye  |   Submitted On September 04, 2009

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