How to Reverse Childhood Obesity Statistics – Simple & Practical

One of the saddest epidemics we face as a nation, and even beyond, is the amount of kids dealing with childhood obesity. When you take a look at the childhood obesity statistics they can be overwhelming, to say the least! In order for our children to live “normal” and healthy lives, there needs to be action taken by the obese child and by the parent.

Steps to Reverse the Childhood Obesity Statistics

Mental & Emotional Support — One of the biggest mistakes is to try to motivate your child by pounding into their head that he or she is obese, overweight or even just unhealthy. The goal is to help them take action themselves. You cannot cure childhood obesity by your will power alone. You have to be the coach who helps the child to do it for themselves.

Physical Exercise — Obviously you know this, right! The trick to getting your child off of the couch and outside is not really a trick at all. The truth is that every child is different and the same motivation tactics that work to help one overweight child get moving might not help the next. This is were your true parenting skills come into play.

Eat “Right” — Another no-brainer, I know. Eating right is a major factor in helping obese children lose weight and become healthy. Eating right though, is not cut and dry. Kids need calories. Kids need some junk food – remember, they are kids still. If children have access to sweets, comfort food, soda or fast food and take advantage of that too much, this is when it becomes a problem. DO NOT cut them off completely! Since this is a major contributing factor to the childhood obesity statistics being where they are, all you will need to do is limit the proportions and frequency.

Have Fun — In order for any one of these items to aid your child in living a healthy life, he or she needs to have some fun. Try your best to allow your child the privilege of being a child! Do not put too much strain on them or too much pressure — especially at first. DO take action now though! The longer you wait, the less chance of success.

Being overweight is not fun! Whether your child is adding to the childhood obesity statistics or not, you can help by setting the example and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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By Tatiana McMillian  |   Submitted On September 23, 2010

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