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Childhood obesity seems to be a problem with no solutions. There are countless seminars and conferences with doctors and obesity experts trying to come up with a solution. So far there are a lot of theories but no solid evidence what works. The fact remains children are getting bigger and bigger.

How about some common sense solutions for childhood obesity. That is what I am gong to outline here. First of all as a parent you are a role model whether you want to be or not. You have to act the part. Being healthy is a family affair. It can bring the family closer. Doing family outings together especially with exercise are fun and healthy. Some ideas are jogging, hiking and riding bikes together as a family.

Dinners should always be a family affair. Home cooked meals are the healthiest because you can control the ingredients used. Eliminate high amounts of fat from meats and butter. Only use natural healthy ingredients free of artificial colors and preservatives. Some things to watch out for that are listed in some ingredient lists are yellow 5, red 20, BHT and vitamin A palmitate. These are bad for young bodies and many are actually made from petroleum (oil). This puts a big strain on a child’s body overworking the liver leading to childhood obesity. Only eat natural non processed foods. Desserts can be fruits mixed up in a bowl. Stay away from processed pre-made pies, cakes and candies.

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to eat healthy. Pack your child’s lunches to include fruits, vegetables and low fat milk. If your children are old enough they can learn to pack their own healthy lunches. If you don’t plan ahead your child will get into the situation where they get very hungry and end up eating whatever they can get their hands on which is usually junk food. Preparing the food ahead of time eliminates this.

The best way to ensure healthy eating for your children is to only buy food on the outer isles of the supermarket. This is where you will find fresh meats, seafood, poultry, milk, eggs, yogurt, fruits and vegetables. If you shop in these areas you will be eating natural food free of fillers and additives that are hard on your liver and that make it difficult to lose weight. This will also take temptation away as your children will only have a choice of healthy foods.

As you can see being a good role model, exercise, eating together as a family and planning ahead for meals are some simple common sense approaches for childhood obesity.

Jay Holt is a graduate from the University of Florida’s nutrition college. Jay is a health and fitness advocate and has combined his literary aspirations with his love of nutrition.

His ability to see the world through a child’s eyes is unequaled. His new book “Tommy the Tommy the Tomato Teaches Nutrition” is highly recommended by parents and educators everywhere (and kid-approved).

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By Jay R Holt  |   Submitted On April 30, 2012

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