Kids Who Eat Vending Machine Snacks Face Chronic Health Problems

The advantages of vending machines are that they are cheap, quick and inexpensive. It sounds like they have everything a person or child could want.

That is unless you consider nutrition. They are a nutrition nightmare that could last a lifetime. The problem starts with the ultimate goal for vending machines Profit. I don’t have a problem with someone trying to make a profit. In fact I think that’s what makes America so great free enterprise. However when the health of our children are sacrificed for profits then I have a big problem with it. The vending machine food is loaded with preservatives so that it could last a year or so. That’s great from a food scientist standpoint but what does it do the developing child’s body? The food is usually stripped of it’s nutrition, causing havoc on the child’s body and mind. Vending machine snacks usually are loaded with salt and sugar which can over stimulate children in school.

No wonder they can’t sit still in class. When you have a sugar buzz you can’t concentrate. These snacks are basically empty calories which often have flavor enhancers that stimulate the appetite. It is not a good prescription for healthy children. Once children start to eat these high sugar high salt foods they become addicted to them and then you are in an uphill battle to control your child’s eating habits. The fillers in the food becomes a mental and physiological barrier to overcome with children addicted to this food.

Just as scientists eventually proved that cigarettes caused cancer. These same scientists will also I believe prove one day that the artificial sweeteners, preservatives and fillers will be guilty of being a major contributor of causing the childhood obesity epidemic.These fake foods have unnatural amounts of fillers and stimulants that cause children to eat large amounts of foods before feeling full. Thus adding many empty calories to children and predisposing them to childhood obesity.

Some kids get headaches when they don’t get their favorite junk food. It is similar to the headache you get when you don’t have your coffee if you are a coffee drinker. The child often gets introduced to these junk/snack foods for the first time at the vending machine. Once the child gets a taste of the stimulating junk food they want it everywhere such as while watching TV or playing a video game. The combination of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle are the major contributors of the childhood obesity epidemic

Childhood obesity often leads children to become diabetic and also increases their chances of getting cancer. Obesity often increases their chances of having a hear attack and or a stroke.

As you can see vending machines seem innocent enough but the overall consequences brought about them on our children is disastrous indeed.

Jay Holt is a graduate from the University of Florida’s nutrition college. Jay is a health and fitness advocate and has combined his literary aspirations with his love of nutrition.

His ability to see the world through a child’s eyes is unequaled. His new book “Tommy the Tommy the Tomato Teaches Nutrition” is highly recommended by parents and educators everywhere (and kid-approved).

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By Jay R Holt  |   Submitted On April 29, 2012

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