The Top Ten Interesting and Shocking Facts About Obesity

  1. Obesity is gaining momentum as a global epidemic. In the next five years, the global population of overweight or obese humans is likely to hit 2.6 billion
  2. A staggering 37% of the US population is technically obese. Another 33% are overweight and borderline-obese.
  3. Obesity causes certain types of cancer. It is set to overtake smoking as a leading cause of cancer in the next ten or fewer years.
  4. Obesity interferes with brain activity. When a person is obese, their brain delays food-fulfillment signals. The result is eating beyond fulfillment and further obesity.
  5. Unfortunately, just under 20% of dieters are successful in retaining the weight loss after two years.
  6. Intermittent fasting is a proven technique for healthy weight loss management. Cutting calorie intake to 800 calories twice a week is a sure way to lose substantial visceral fat.
  7. Gastric tract surgery (Bariatric surgery) is a viable and recommended option for people suffering from severe obesity (BMI over 40).
  8. Babies born to obese mothers are more likely to be obese in their future lives.
  9. Geography has a linkage with obesity. The southern US has the highest obesity rate (35%) of any area in the country. The US national average is 20%.
  10. Gender plays a role in obesity. Over 40% of US women (over 50) are obese, as compared to 35% of US men.