The Disadvantages of Being an Overweight Teenager

Being overweight is one of the worst feelings anyone can feel. Being overweight myself, I struggle with a lot of things that anyone overweight feels. Because I am overweight, I hardly care about my body and how I look. I often  feel down about my appearance.

Being overweight also affects my clothes. My  mom is always complaining to me that that my clothes don’t fit and that I need to lose weight for them to fit.

Another disadvantage of being overweight is my lack of doing exercise. Every time I do it, it makes me feel like throwing up or it tires me out very quickly. During PE class or basketball camp I  always need to sit or fake my pushups because my body is not fit for that type of work. This t is  affecting my PE grade and my basketball skills and it makes me feel bad.

Finally, being overweight makes me feel bored and when I’m bored I sometimes have major food cravings. During the day I am always bored. Yes, yes I have interests but because I am overweight I don’t have the capacity to do the  things I enjoy. 

My major food cravings are a problem because my cravings can hit at any time, and when I do get them I have an overwhelming urge to eat. My parents always tell me to stop and that it is in my head, but it is not. Sometimes I stay up eating until midnight just to satisfy my cravings. This is very unhealthy since the foods I eat are unhealthy and they raise my sodium levels and fat levels, which is not healthy for my body. Also, it hurts because every night when I do this it causes a fight with my parents. We end up not talking for the rest of the night, and this upsets me because I don’t want my food problem to affect my relationship with them. These are the disadvantages of being overweight and how it affects my life.

Alex Bio