My Five Favorite Fruits


Similar to vegetables, fruit does not always strike the typical kid as a common food to eat. I mean, fruit is probably more common than vegetables in a sense, but for kids, fruit is not as common as potato chips or candy.  

Fruit has a much sweeter taste than vegetables, because of its natural sugar. That is probably why typical kids eat them more. But overweight kids like me show no interest in either fruit or veggies, with a few exceptions. Unlike veggies, some fruits do not need an extra topping or glaze. They are just naturally good. My five favorite fruits are peaches, pears, apples, blueberries and plums. Although some of these need a topping to earn their spot on this list, I think they are an excellent snack choice for any child.


Peaches are my favorite fruit for several  reasons. First, the taste. Peaches have the sweetest taste of any fruit, in my opinion.  Second, peaches are very juicy. The juice will fly out of your mouth with the first bite. Third, I love the color. Orange is my favorite color, so peaches get extra points for that. I first started getting into peaches when I started drinking peach nectar. The smooth, juicy taste of the nectar made me fall in love with the taste of peaches, and it led me to start eating them. I would say peaches are a great after school snack  because they are refreshing, taste sweet, and are healthy. Peaches have three benefits in one!


Pears come in just behind peaches on my list of favorite fruits. 🥺 They are very good. Similar to peaches, they are very juicy. But they have a different taste; they are very sweet and crisp, like an apple, but sweeter. The color of pears  range from green all the way to light brown, but the color does not really affect the taste. I started getting into pears a little while before I got into peaches. However, I got into them the same way; by drinking the nectar. The crisp taste of the pear and the smoothness of the nectar made me love them. Pears are more of an after-dinner kind of fruit I my opinion. In fact, you can make dessert out of pears. I had a pie once with pears, cream, and ricotta cheese. It was excellent.


I have always had a love-hate relationship with apples. The reason I have a love-hate relationship with them is because of their bitter taste. They taste terrible, ut with a few tweaks, apples taste great. First off is apple juice and cider. I love both of those. The taste is like biting into an apple, only a little sweeter. You get a nice, refreshing drink and it is healthy.  Second, apples can be used in lots of baked goods such as pies and strudels. This totally elevates them in both taste and texture. Apples alone I would describe as a great home snack.  However, if you have time at night, make a delicious creation. As they always say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


Blueberries are another fruit that I have a love-hate relationship with, but it is different from the apples. I do not like the taste at all by themselves, they are too tart for me. However, there are plenty of things you can do with blueberries to make them delicious and that is why I like them. First off is blueberry pancakes, which are really good. They  give the pancakes a nice, tart taste that fruit lovers enjoy. At  the same time, the blueberries make the pancakes  sweeter. Second, like apples, they are commonly used in baked goods such as pies, bread and muffins. Finally, you can make blueberries and whipped cream, a classic that everyone will love. The sugary creaminess of the whipped cream makes the blueberries taste even sweeter.  Blueberries are small so I would categorize them as an all-day snack. But, like apples, you can make creative concoctions with them for dessert.


Plums were an unexpected one to put down, even for me. But I am glad I am putting them on my list now. Plums have one of the juiciest tastes ever. I literally gobbled one down. I never liked plums through my childhood until two months ago. I was asked to try a plum by someone very special. I did, and it was amazing. You do not need to add anything to plums in my opinion, they are good just the way they are. Plums to me could be a great after school snack because they are small and light. But they could also be a dessert that would be very good for you.