My five Favorite Vegetables


As an overweight teenager, vegetables are not appealing to me.  As I expressed in one of my previous articles.  Vegetables are not advertised properly for teens and kids to have an Interest in eating them.  Therefore, most kids and teens do not eat them, especially overweight teens.  Although some average weight, kids might eat them.  They were always seen as an obstacle at dinner and they were ever enjoyed.  Although I feel like this about most vegetables, there are a few that stick out to me.  They are Broccoli, Carrots, Peas, Collard greens and the sweet potato.  Not all vegetables I like could be eaten raw but cooked with some sort of toppings like butter or garlic.  Then vegetables become some of the tastiest foods for the day.


So first, we start with broccoli, my favorite currently right now.  But younger I never really liked it, and here is why.  First off, broccoli is shaped like a tree, which in my opinion is no shape any food should be in.  Secondly, the taste of it while it was raw.  I always wanted to spit it out when I ate raw broccoli, it tasted disgusting.  But I was introduced to a new kind of broccoli, and it is so good.  This broccoli is steamed in garlic and butter, and not only does it make it softer, but also it gives it a whole lot more flavor to it.  This elevates it completely and therefore broccoli is my favorite vegetable.


Carrots always had a love/ hate relationship with me.  Certain times they were good and others it was not.  The reason why I do not think they are always good is their taste.  I taste is so weird sometimes that I also just want to spit it out.  However, like broccoli, two added extras will totally elevate the plain carrots.  The first is quite simple.  It’s just to dip them in Ranch dressing.  It is amazing.  The crunchiness of the carrot and the flavorful ranch makes a perfect vegetable snack.  The second way I prefer carrots s them cooked with honey glaze; it is so good.  In this case, it completely takes away the flavor of the carrot and replaces it with this smooth honey glaze flavor that melts in your mouth.  But at the same time, you are still eating a vegetable and it is a great side for any meal.

Peas to me at first were the same as broccoli.  It is like saying, why would I want to eat green shaped pebbles that have a weird raw taste. Before I move on, I just want to reemphasize the statement that peas are shaped like little pebbles.  How unappealing is that to kid’s right off the back.  However, similarly to Broccoli and carrots, peas are very good if they are cooked and have butter on them.  When I first tried them like that, I did not really care for them.  But overtime I began to like them even more and I used to eat a lot of them.  One time my brother and I had a competition to see who could eat the most peas since we both liked them at the time.  Peas are a great side to any meal if they are cooked properly.

Collard Greens.

Collard Greens have always been my favorite vegetable throughout my lifetime.  Ever since I tried them in a Portuguese restaurant, I could not ever deny them.  The appearance reminds me of spinach, and I do not like that.  However, the taste is different and the way it blends in with all Portuguese food amazes me.  Collard Greens are not a common vegetable (at least not here in the United States).  However, if you go to a Portuguese restaurant, be sure not to deny these delicious greens.

Sweet Potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are very complicated in my life.  I do not love them, but if I make a few adjustments to them, it could change everything.  First off, I hate the taste of a regular sweet potato, I hate it, and I always had.  However, if you make some small adjustments to them, sweet potatoes could actually become quite good.  First off, I like my sweet potatoes warm and soft, not hard.  Then you add them elements once it is soft and warm.  I put butter and sour cream to them and it completely changes the taste to this creamy, semi-sweet vegetable.  Also sometimes, I would just add butter and cinnamon, which gives it that cinnamon flavor.  No matter what element you add, it will completely change your perspective on the sweet potato.