Preventing Your Child From Becoming Obese

By George O Odhiambo  |   Submitted On May 22, 2018

Obesity has become a significant problem befalling most Americans, and much worse, children have become the latest victims of obesity. Did you know that approximately 43% of children in the United States are obese? Well, it is a shocking development, but that is only an indication that parents need to take extra care to prevent their children from becoming obese. Fortunately, the condition of obesity is one that can be managed and prevent you from saving your doctor’s phone number on speed dial.

Preventing child obesity is just a matter of monitoring your child’s diet and engaging them in physical activities. Firstly, it is important to note that obesity is mostly a diet problem. You should avoid giving your child a lot of sugary or fatty snacks and always try to give your child foods low on cholesterol. Your child’s foods should consist of vegetables, whole-grains, and fruits. You might also consider providing some dairy products for your child. Too much food is also not healthy for your child, so you should serve them with proportionate quantities of food. Your child should also take plenty of water to allow a smooth digestion process.

Secondly, you might want to encourage your child to do a lot of physical activity. While this should not be rigorous, an adequate physical activity might just help increase the rate of metabolism in your child’s body. The net effect of this is that the increased rate of metabolism will be able to burn the excess fats on the body, helping your child to maintain a healthy body mass. Some of the recommended physical activities include walking, swimming, rope jumping, playing tags, or playing soccer. In essence, if you want to keep your child safe from obesity, just get him/her sweating, and give them the right types of foods are recommended above.

Some parents have been so worried about the obesity situation of their children to the extent that they go seeking doctors’ help. Well, obesity is not a disease, but rather a condition. Most of those doctors would only prescribe some weight-loss supplements for your child, and this could bring a whole new debate about the safety and reliability of the weight loss supplements. Some of the weight loss supplements have been reported to cause some health defects on the user, and you might not want to expose your child to such a risk. It is highly advisable that you use natural means to prevent your child from becoming obese or help them lose weight if they are already obese.

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