Why Overweight Kids do not Like to Exercise

One disadvantage of being an overweight teenager is not having any interest in exercise and physical education.

As an overweight teenager myself, I see where they are coming from.  Although exercise to anyone would seem like the obvious cure to cut your weight down.  Kids have a different mindset, especially teenagers.  As a teen, myself I am very lazy and being lazy could cause your mind set to care less about their physical activity.  Therefore, they continue to focus on their lazy habits, and continue to get overweight.  In addition, I know to most people this sounds terrible, but as I said, with teens, they do not have the same mind set as adults, so they do not care about exercise.

Another reason teens might not care about exercise is because even though they try in the past to do it, they never can succeed and therefore they give up on it.

.  I myself had a lot of experience with this.  For example in my PE class we would always do sit-ups and pushups, but because of my overweight problems, I would never do them right.  Therefore, I would always go to a corner by myself, and do them the incorrect way because I tried in the past but my overweight problem prevents me from doing them so therefore I gave up as well on it.  If other overweight teens feel like this, and have the same traumatic experience when they did exercises, will not have confidence to do it again.

My final reason kids who are overweight and do not like to exercise is that they do not feel like they have the strength to do it.

My final reason kids who are overweight and do not like to exercise is that they do not feel like they have the strength to do it.  First off, you need the physical strength to accomplish these tasks because if you overwork yourself, the side effects are bad such as headaches, dehydration, and light-headedness.  You also need upper body strength is very important, especially for kids, but being overweight and being lazy prevents them from having upper body strength and therefore kids cannot do basic exercises like sit ups, pushups, even planks that mostly everybody can do.  I can relate to this probably the most out of the three reasons I presented you with, and here is why.  When I boxed about a month ago, I was ok with it, the tasks were ok for me, but my only problem was I was getting overly tired after the first session.  However, the second session was different.  I was getting tired during the session, and by the end of the session, my head was killing me, I felt dehydrated and lightheaded, and it was not just the upper body strength, it was the whole session that made me feel lightheaded.  So, it is not just upper body strength you need to do physical exercise, you need physical strength.

How exercise will benefit overweight teens

Although overweight teens might not show interest in exercise as I explained in my first three paragraphs, exercise will still benefit them in various ways.  For example, when kids exercise, they will always burn off calories, so if a teen eats a snack that is 100 calories, and then they go on the treadmill and burn off 100 calories, they burned off what they just ate.  I know this is not a lot, but eventually calories lead to pounds.  Although I talked about all my negative experience with exercise, I still have positive memories.  For example, for this past week while I was at my grandma‚Äôs house, I went swimming almost every day.  In addition, each day I got better and better and my grandparents continued to compliment me on how much progress I am making with not only my swimming skills, but with me getting thinner.  This makes me proud and motivates me to do it more.  I hope that other kids take this as an opportunity to feel motivated to exercise.


In this article, I explained how overweight teens do not like exercise and the reason behind it.  However, I also think it is still no excuse to not exercise.  For a solution, have teens experiment with different sports and see if they find one they like.  If this happens more kids will be fit and strong, and this will be a positive response to the overweight problem plaguing children across America.

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